Lego League

September 24, 2011
Our Theme: Video Games
Reminder: the next Lego League is November 19th 2-4pm
So registration opens on Nov. 5th
Call us to register 856-829-9340 or online

See what our Lego Masters made today!

This is Emma L.'s Angry Bird. Look at those eyebrows! I wouldn't want to take his eggs!

This is team Ashley E. and Bridgette D. I like to call them Ashgette.
They shared this Mario Kart roadster with us.

Emma wowed us with her zombie (from PVZ) with interchangeable head.
 Greg created this great automobile? Copter? Hovercraft? Someone call Nissan-I think he may be onto something here....
This is exactly what Miss Kristie looks like driving to work each morning. Except, she is holding a giant mug of coffee.
 Nick shared his 3D Angry Birds scene. Nice slingshot!

 This ginormous Mario was still under construction near the end.
 Miss Kristie's contribution: Super Mario.
"Letsa go!"

 Nick taught me about this little known Goomba who only appears in one level in Super Mario 3.
If you would like to know more about this crazy guy go here.
 This either Allison and Andrew's or Cadence and Alex's. Leave a comment, and I will edit this.
See how lost Miss Kristie is without her pen and paper?
 I do believe this is Connor's. Or Dillion's. Leave a comment, I will give credit.
James built this entire scene with house and garden. I think I could live there, no problem.
 This is team Emily E. and Danielle L. I like to call them "Emyelle". They have created an Angry Birds scene with pig, and super creative use of a chocolate Twizzler.
 Here is Danny's Mario and a really cool tower.
 This excellent team made the Mario crew, complete with mushrooms.
Alex and Cadence
 James built us a house!
 Noah's Super, Super Mario
 Spongebob Prison Pants????
Ashley E. and Bridgette D. get creative with an old friend!
Angry Birds on Parade by Andrew and Allison.
Wonder if the birds throw candy?

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